3 Dots – Connect em all 1.0.4

3 Dots – Connect em all 1.0.4

Are you ready to face the ultimate challenge and put your brain to the test? 3 Dots – Connect em all 1.0.4 is an incredibly addictive puzzle game, with just one simple goal – to connect all of the dots together in the perfect sequence. This game offers an enjoyable and unique experience, which will keep you entertained for hours!


  • Over 300 levels to keep you challenged and entertained.
  • Each level contains different puzzles with different solutions. The difficulty and complexity increases with each puzzle.
  • Beautifully designed backgrounds for each level, full of color and fun.
  • A helpful hint and retry system, to ensure you can always complete the level.
  • An interactive tutorial, to help you understand the game easily.


The goal of each level is to connect all of the dots together in the correct sequence, within the given number of moves. You can make valid moves in any direction and you can’t move a dot more than once in one move. You can also use the special ‘Bomb’ button to help clear the level if you get stuck. Once you complete the level, you will be rewarded with coins which can be used to purchase hints, if you need them. As you progress through the game, the puzzles become more difficult, which will keep even the seasoned pro entertained for hours!


3 Dots – Connect em all 1.0.4 is a great puzzle game for all ages. With its bright and vibrant visuals and intuitive gameplay, it offers a unique and enjoyable experience. It also features an interactive tutorial and hint system, so that anyone can understand and play the game easily. So, what are you waiting for? Test your skills now and start connecting the dots!

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