Aircall 4.5.0 Release Notes

Aircall, the cloud based business phone system, has recently released its newest version: 4.5.0. This version is packed with new features and improvements that make Aircall easier to use and customize for your business’s needs. Here is the full breakdown of what Aircall 4.5.0 has to offer.

Improved User Interface

Aircall has redesigned its user interface with a refreshed look and enhanced usability. This makes it easier to access your most important features and quickly take action, no matter what devices you’re using. This improves efficiency and saves time as you manage your calls and day-to-day tasks.

Increased Voice Quality

Aircall 4.5.0 has improved upon existing voice quality and added new features such as noise cancellation, echo cancellation, and improved jitter buffering. This ensures every conversation is smooth and effortless no matter where you are or which device you’re using.

Integrated Team Collaboration

Aircall’s team collaboration feature makes it easier for your team to work together and share resources on calls. With this feature you can assign roles for each call, create shared document libraries, and even set up shared notes or links to related tasks. This makes it easier to stay organized, collaborate better, and always be up to date on customer conversations.

SMART Phone Number Assignment

Aircall’s SMART phone number assignment feature uses intelligent algorithms to intelligently route incoming calls, ensuring maximum efficiency when handling a large number of calls. This feature also allows you to segment calls based on call topics, countries and regions, and more.

Improved Call Recording Quality

With improved call recording quality in Aircall 4.5.0, you get clearer recordings and better data from customer calls. This makes it easier to monitor conversations, store customer data, and train your team.


Aircall 4.5.0 is packed with features and improvements that make it easier to use and empower your team. With improved usability, better voice quality, and powerful features such as SMART phone number assignment, this latest version of Aircall is sure to help your business improve its customer service, collaboration, and more.

Install the Aircall 4.5.0 APK app

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