AirGuard Lite-Find Bluetooth Devices 1.4.0

AirGuard Lite-Find Bluetooth Devices 1.4.0


AirGuard Lite is an app developed by Scritch Labs that allows users to search for and find other Bluetooth-enabled devices in their vicinity. The latest version of AirGuard Lite, v1.4.0, boasts a variety of updates and improvements, including enhanced device discovery, improved app usability, and additional customization options.

Easier Device Discovery

With AirGuard Lite 1.4.0, users can quickly and easily scan for other Bluetooth-enabled devices in the surrounding area. The app has been optimized for faster and more effective device discovery, with an improved range and accuracy, so users can find the devices they need faster.

Enhanced Usability

The new version of AirGuard Lite also includes several usability improvements to make the app more user-friendly and intuitive. The app now includes a more straightforward user interface and improved navigation options, so users can quickly access the features they need without difficulty. Additionally, the app now allows users to customize their settings to tailor the app to their personal preferences.


AirGuard Lite 1.4.0 is a great update to the app and a great way for users to quickly find any Bluetooth-enabled devices they may need in their vicinity. With improved device discovery, enhanced usability, and additional customization options, users can easily find and connect to the devices they need.

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