Anime Ohio 1.0

Anime Ohio 1.0

Anime Ohio, the midwestern state’s premier anime and manga convention, drew a crowd of over 5,000 fans and guests to its inaugural celebration this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio. From anime connoisseurs to newbies, everyone was sure to find something to enjoy in this convention that celebrated all things related to anime culture.

Huge Variety of Events

The Anime Ohio 1.0 convention had something for everyone, from panels and workshops on topics such as manga writing, cosplay construction techniques, and voice acting, to live streaming of classic anime shows and movie screenings. Artist alley was crowded with creative fan art, and the dealers’ room offered a unique selection of plushies, jewelry, DVDs, and games.

The evening events were full of music and dancing, featuring concerts put on by some of the biggest names in the anime soundtracks, as well as karaoke contests and fashion shows that showcased wacky and wonderful costumes. The night was capped off with a special guest performance, courtesy of international vocal artist.

A Focus on Fan Engagement

The highlight of the weekend was the focus on fan engagement, with guests often taking the stage and events such as an auction to purchase rare and exclusive items. There was no shortage of activities for attendees to participate in, with game tournaments running throughout the convention and a range of activities such as pool, darts, and video gaming arcades open at all hours.

The convention also featured a special “cosplay photobooth” where guests had their pictures taken in costume and printed out onsite.

A Successful First Year

Overall, the Anime Ohio 1.0 was a huge success, with thousands of attendees, panels, and events spanning the entire weekend. Fans traveled from all across the U.S. to experience the fun and excitement of this new anime convention, and with its unique offerings, many are already looking forward to the Anime Ohio 2.0, which will be held next year.

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