Aphmau Minecraft Skins 1.5

Aphmau Minecraft Skins 1.5

Minecraft players from around the world are now celebrating the release of multiple Aphmau skins 1.5. The snapshots were released on October 7, 2020, giving players access to some great new skins. These new skins allow them to add a new dimension to their gameplay and express themselves better in this beloved sandbox game.

About the Skins

The skins are based on the Aphmau character from the Minecraft Diaries series. The new versions feature a variety of different looks, including:

  • Aphmau with a pink dress
  • Aphmau as a witch
  • Aphmau with a graduation gown
  • Aphmau as a pirate
  • Aphmau in a school uniform
  • Aphmau as a vampire

These skins allow players to create a unique and custom look for their own character and make it their own.

How to Access the Skins

The new skins are available for players who own the game on PC and Mac. They can download the skins from the Minecraft website and access them in the game.

If players own the game on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, they can find the skins in the Minecraft Marketplace. The skins are also available for mobile players in the Minecraft App Store.


The release of the Aphmau Minecraft Skins 1.5 is sure to bring joy to millions of players around the world. With the multiple looks available, they can customize their character and make it truly unique.

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