Aries – Movies Master 1.2.33

Aries – Movies Master 1.2.33


Aries Movies Master 1.2.33 is an easy-to-use and powerful movie cataloging and playback app. It helps you organize and manage your movie collection in a safe, effective and efficient way. With powerful search, sorting and categorizing capabilities, you can easily find the movie or TV show you are looking for. You can watch movies or TV shows directly from the app, or move them to your device for offline playback.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Powerful categorizing and filtering of movie library
  • Include comprehensive movie information: covers, synopsis, cast, director, awards, etc.
  • Customizable view of your library
  • Connectivity options: iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • Offline playback: transfer movies to your device and watch anytime, anywhere

Detailed Review

Aries Movies Master 1.2.33 will revolutionize the way you manage your movie library. With its intuitive and easy to use interface, you will soon have all your favorite movies sorted and categorized in one place. You can easily search for a movie, and the app will quickly bring up all the relevant information: synopsis, covers, cast, director, etc. You can also personalize the look and feel of your library, making it look and feel just like your own personal home theater.

The most impressive feature of Aries Movies Master 1.2.33 is its connectivity options. With integrated access to iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, Hulu and more, you will never run out of movies to watch. Best of all, if you don’t have a steady Internet connection, you can transfer movies to your device and watch them offline anytime, anywhere.


Aries Movies Master 1.2.33 is an impressive and powerful movie library organizer and media player. It comes packed with useful and intuitive features, allowing users to quickly and easily organize, search and categorize their movie collection. With its connectivity options and offline playback capabilities, you will never run out of movies to watch.

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