Bike Wheelie Simulator 79

Bike Wheelie Simulator 79

The newest installment in the ever-popular Bike Wheelie Simulator series is finally here! Bike Wheelie Simulator 79 (or BWS79) promises to bring the thrills and spills of motorbike wheelie stunts to your PC, in an even more realistic and feature-rich game experience. From novice to professional, fans of motorcycle stunts will be delighted to try their hand at the latest in the franchise. Read on to find out more!

Game Features

Bike Wheelie Simulator 79 comes packed with features to make the game experience even more exhilarating. Balance, speed, and skill are key to success, as you endeavor to make these mind-blowing stunts come off without a hitch.

  • Realistic Physics: From inertia to torque, BWS79 faithfully replicates the physics of real-world wheelie stunts.
  • Realistic Graphics: Cutting-edge 3D technology makes the game come alive with stunning visuals.
  • Multiple Levels: Progress through novice, intermediate, and expert levels to prove your mastery of bike wheelies.
  • In-game Tutorials: BWS79 includes in-depth tutorials to get even total beginners up and running in no time.


BWS79 offers a tailored experience with an intuitive control system. Players are able to customize control settings to best suit their playing style, or use the default settings for a seamless experience. With a combination of mouse-clicking and keyboard inputs, making the perfect wheelie has never been easier.


Bike Wheelie Simulator 79 brings the thrill of motorcycle stunts to your screen. With realistic physics, stunning graphics, and intuitive controls, it’s perfect for thrill-seekers and beginners alike. So, get your motorbike ready and don’t forget your can of Red Bull; it’s time to take your wheelie game to the next level!

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