Introducing Craftsman Block World 1.1.2

Craftsman Block World 1.1.2 is the latest version of our popular virtual building block game! Create the world of your dreams with a variety of blocks, tools, and objects you can use to create the most imaginative landscapes and structures.


  • A wide variety of pre-made blocks to get your creativity rolling including basic blocks, gems, animals, and more.
  • Tools to make crafting easier and faster, such as a cutting machine and 3D printer.
  • Special objects for more intricate building such as ladders and trampolines.
  • Advanced construction features such as mutli-level building and collapsible objects.
  • Game-mode for those who want to challenge their friends.
  • Real-time feedback for understanding which blocks you can use and what will be most efficient for your builds.


With Craftsman Block World 1.1.2, you can bring your ideas to life and develop your skills in mining, crafting, building, and more! The game is suitable for all ages and abilities. Plus, with the advanced features, the possibilities are endless. If you are a creative spirit, our game will let you unleash your imagination.


Craftsman Block World 1.1.2 is the perfect game for unleashing your creativity and crafting some of the most unique landscapes and structures. With a vast selection of blocks, tools, and objects, you can create to your heart’s content. Download now and start building!

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