Everywhere Launcher Pro v1.55 Cracked ! [PRO]

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everywhere launcher pro apk

Everywhere Launcher PRO allows you to have as many touchable areas (triggers) on the screen as you want and each trigger allows you to open different sidebars depending on the touch gesture on it. Everywhere Launcher makes everything personalize able

Main features
– Add an arbitrary number of apps, shortcuts, widgets or folders to a sidebar
– Add an arbitrary number of apps, shortcuts, widgets to a folder inside a sidebar
– Arbitrary number of handles (touchable regions, whose touch open a sidebar)
– Put those handles to the left or right side or even to the top or bottom of your screen
– Many triggers (gestures) available (slide up/down/left/right, click, double click, long press)
– Enable multiple triggers per handle
– Sidepages with search functionality and predictive search (T9)
– Action sidebar – a trigger on a handle will DIRECTLY start an action, it can’t be faster
– Action folders – click the folder to open the first entry in the folder
– Blacklist apps (you can disable this app in blacklisted apps)
– All apps/contacts and recent apps sidebars/sidepage (recent apps work in Android >=5 as well!)
– Icon packs support
– Animations
– Personalise the look & feel of the app change colors, transparencies, sizes, styles and more
– Personalise all sidebars and handles at once and override the default settings
– Tasker support for those who want to automatically open sidebars triggered by any event

Other features
– Support of Palette Colors extracted from your current wallpaper
– long press an icon in a sidebar to open a menu and show the app settings for example
– style icons in sidebar => rename, change icons
– different folder styles: stack, tile, action folder…
– and many more… just try it out

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Download Links

Everywhere Pro 1.55 | Mirror | Mirror

Everywhere Launcher PRO v1.48 APK / Mirror / Mirror



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