Learn Kali Linux Pro 2.1 Cracked ! [OFFLINE]

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Learn Kali Linux Pro

Learn Kali Linux Pro application allows users to learn Kali Linux and all the topics related to it in a step by step hierarchy manner. Efforts have been made to make the application very user friendly and intuitive with a great user interface that makes it easy for you to learn through this app. Learn Kali Linux Pro app provides an excellent tutorial on Kali Linux basics and also with the core Kali Linux concepts.

– Ethical Hacking
computer programming
– computer security cracking
– exploits weakness in a computer system or computer network
– Modify computer appearance in (windows)
– Create many types computer virus (destructive virus or files stealer virus,etc)
– Modify games
– how to plays with the codings of reg,bat,vbs,jar,html,php etc
– Android tricks
– Scripting tutorial
– Networking tutorial
– Pc tricks
– Kali linux tutorial
– Commands tutorial
– Registry hacks
– Operating system
– Software information
– Hackers info

Learn Kali Linux Pro app related to ethical hacking and not an app that promotes Hacking / Cracking / Software policy.

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